Профіль Мозилівця

Pranjal Vyas

પ્રાંજલ વ્યાસ


A Proud mozillian ,Speaker,Cyber Security Researcher

Enthusiastic and Passionate about Open Source & Technologies

IT Security Evangelist

Creator of rust repo containing Learning resources for beginners Rust

initiator of Privacy Brigade


Англійська, Гуджараті, Гінді


  • Ram Dayal Vaishnav

    Pranjal is a very active Mozilla contributor, an inspiration and very proactive person. His blog https://pranjalvyas.wordpress.com/ and github repo documents many of his initiatives/activities. Thanks Pranjal for all the amazing work you are doing for the Mozilla's mission and all the best for your future endeavors.

  • Emma Irwin

    Pranjal fully completed Activate campaign steps to contribute meaningful review of the Community Participation Guidelines https://activate.mozilla.community/community-participation-guideline/ Thanks for your great work!

  • Shreyas Narayanan Kutty

    Pranjal has been a great contributor to Mozilla Club Bhavnagar. He organises events on privacy and security. Pranjal blogs about his events here: https://pranjalvyas.wordpress.com/

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