Профіль Мозилівця
Мозилівець 11 років Sep 2008
Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States
17:31 US/Central
IRC : tanner

Tanner Filip

Community Ops

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nda, mcws-wpengine-admin-mcws, slack-access, mcws team


communityit, sf-monument, support, united states, systems administration, north american events, it, community sites wpengine administration


ansible, aws, bash, devops, docker, linux, linux server management, mediawiki, systems administration




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  • Henrik Mitsch

    Tanner is a very active member of the MCWS (Mozilla Community Web Services) community. Thank you so much for all the effort your put into our systems!

  • Logan Rosen

    Tanner is a boon to Community IT, where he works on Discourse, WordPress, infrastructure, and the project in general. He also is a Mozilla Rep.

    https://wiki.mozilla.org/IT/Community/WG/Discourse https://wiki.mozilla.org/IT/Community/WG/WordpressMS https://wiki.mozilla.org/IT/Community/WG/Infrastructure

  • Emma Irwin

    Mozilla Rep, Community IT

  • Yousef Alam


    Community IT

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