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Мозилівець 6 років Sep 2014
11:11 Africa/Gaborone
IRC : TjT_Maun

Tshepo Tamajobe

Mozilla Reps, Regional Coordinator, TechSpeaker, Developer


Creative, novel and innovative thinker with good leadership and team work. Excellent listening skills make perfection for a visionary lad of my caliber.

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open badges, sumo, hive, fsa, mdn, mozilla africa, mozilla botswana, python, apps, mobile, air mozilla


.c++, .java, .javascript, advertising, basic php, business management, database admin, e-marketing, information system strategic planning, mysql, vb, web design + development


Англійська, Тсвана

Зовнішні облікові записи


  • Lebron Brian Ssekalegga

    Tshepo has been an active Mozillian in the Mozilla project. starting with the FSA program where he has been the driving force in developing the FSA program in Botswana and mentoring new FSA across the African continent. His dedication has recently earned him the Regional Ambassador Lead- Africa position. He leads various other Mozillla contributory pathways like SUMO, MDN and L10N.

  • KOUADIO M'man Ange Manuela

    Tamajobe is an active FSA in Botswana who took contact with me it there's little to help build a community in Botswana womoz;He manages a small community of contributors for two years now. This is an excellent contributor with skills essential for Mozilla. Some links to contributions: Badges: https://badges.mozilla.org/en-US/profiles/profile/tamajobetshepo Localization: http://mozilla.locamotion.org/user/TshepoTamajobe/ Mozilla Support: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/user/Wing-man

  • Alex Johnson

    Tshepo is a Student Ambassador who has helped translate many parts of Mozilla into Tswana. And continues to raise awareness to the open web throughout social media. Thank you!

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