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Scarlett Melgarejo Venegas

Firefox OS Launch Team Chile, Design, webmaker, developer web


Member of Mozilla Chile and Launch Firefox OS Team, with experience in web and graphic design, I have knowledge in HTML5 and CSS3.


womoz chile


css3, graphic, html5


Англійська, Іспанська

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  • Lourdes Castillo

    Skamel is from the joomla community, she develops workshops in universities and explains how to use the mozilla’s products. She was invited to the team for her strong skills on the web. She is in the community since 2012 (first in Mozilla hispano) now in our local group, Mozilla Chile working with the Dev Team. Links: https://www.flickr.com/photos/lourcastillo/sets/72157643981369033/ & http://www.mozillachile.cl/?s=Scarlett+Melgarejo

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