Профіль Мозилівця

Raluca Elena Podiuc

ioT and some telemetry work


perf, taskcluster-users


c, embedded systems, java, javascript


Англійська, Іспанська, Французька, Італійська, Румунська


  • Kevin Grandon

    Raluca has made significant contributions to Mozilla across several projects. Check out some of her great work here: https://github.com/mozilla/restofthings/graphs/contributors

  • Vladan Djeric

    I was Raluca's manager during her internship with the Desktop Performance team in the summer of 2014. She worked on the Telemetry dashboard, TaskCluster, and Internet-of-Things projects.

  • Jonas Finnemann Jensen

    Raluca interned at Mozilla in San Francisco on the Performance team under vladan. /me mentored Raluca during her stay where she worked on: - telemetry-dashboard, - Prototyping telemetry analysis on taskcluster, - Prototyping internet of things...

    Check out github: https://github.com/raluca-elena/telemetry-dashboard

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