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Мозилівець 14 років Jul 2005
Mountain View, California, United States
03:42 US/Pacific

Jim Cook

CFO; Finance, MozSpaces, Security Assurance


Mozilla CFO since 2005; Wineshopper 99'-'01; Netflix '97-'99; Intuit '91-'96; Proud Dad, early adopter gadget freak, sports nut (futbol; football, golf, tennis, basketball, you name it I've probably played it).

Jim has Northern California (0-10) and Midwest roots (Ohio; 11-18); attended Univ. of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles and has lived in Silicon Valley (Portola Valley) for the past 20 yrs with his wife Lissa and his two children, Trevor (12) and Claire (9) and two dogs.

I enjoy any kind of outdoor activity and look forward to family traditions and annual vacations (Kirkwood skiing, New Hampshire summers, various camping adventures; Yosemite; White Water Rafting; Kayaking; Deep Sea Fishing)

More on Jim: LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/benchboard AboutMe: http://about.me/jim_cook Blogsite: www.cookflix.net


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