Профіль Мозилівця
Мозилівець 8 років Feb 2010
Les Ulis, Île-de-France, France
13:08 Europe/Paris
IRC : hellosct1

Christophe Villeneuve


Rep, Communication, Testeur, codeur, evangeliste, organisateur


Christophe Villeneuve aka hellosct1 (Hello / Sector One)

Mes implications / contributeur à Mozilla sont :

  • Représentant Mozilla (Mozilla Rep)
  • WebExtensions / Addons
  • Mozilla Social Champion
  • Mozilla Social Support
  • Groupe communication Française
  • MDN Web Docs

Mes autres implications sont:

  • Language: PHP
  • Base de données: MariaDB
  • CMS: Drupal
  • Navigateur: Firefox
  • Groupe de Démomaker Sector One sur Atari
  • Anciennement membre du groupe Firefox OS ( Communication , QA, Test)

Activité médias :

Co-Organisateur d'événements :

  • Forum PHP - PHP Tour - Drupagora - AgoraCMS - Solutions Linux - Coding Party

Access Groups



communications, sf-monument, support, france, mozfr, php, evangelism, firefox os fr comm, couchsurfing, speaker, speaks:fr, mozfr comm, addons, addons sdk, mdn, developer documentation


drupal, firefox nigthly, firefox os, html, mariadb, mdn, php, webextensions


Англійська, Французька


Зовнішні облікові записи


  • Rachel McGuigan

    Christophe had just started to answer Social Support questions for SUMO and he is already killing it. With the many responsibilities, he has, the blog, social content campaigns and helping meetups in France, I can only humbly say thank you for the help!

  • Caitlin Neiman

    Christophe is an active speaker about WebExtensions.

  • Christophe Gesché

    Dès que ça touche l'opensource francophone, Christophe est dans les parages

  • Quentin Frémeaux

    Christophe helps spreading news about Firefox OS and is indeed a key member in French community Firefox OS communication group. He is also doing conferences on the subject.

  • Pierre "Mozinet"

    Among other Mozilla-related activities, Christophe is a key member of the French community Firefox OS communication group (organized with Mozilla help).

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