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Telangana, India
08:14 Asia/Kolkata

Gorla Praveen

ప్రవీణ్ గొర్ల


Masters Student in Telecommunication Engineering at Asian Institute of Technology.

Currently Mozilla Open Leaders mentor, Creative Commons Global Network Representative and APrIGF MSG member.

Interested and Experience in GNU/Linux, Debian packaging, Open access, Wireless networks, Telecommunications, crypto-encryption, Network Decentralization, 2017 APrIGF fellow, Privacy and security.

I always encourages to use GnuPG encryption for email conversation!


,python, bash script, c, c++, git, encryption, gnu radio, octave,, gnupg, gpgpu, ipv4, ipv6, linux and debian packaging, machine learning, matlab, telecommunication, wireless networking


  • Abigail Cabunoc Mayes

    Gorla Praveen completed Mozilla Open Leaders 6 with his project, Firefox Browser to Browser Radio communication for Internet access.

  • Vee Satayamas

    Praveen participates local meetups and barcamp in order to promote privacy based on Mozilla's tech especially Thunderbird and Firefox.

  • Rajasekhar

    Praveen is an interesting person. We did a Firefox add-on for the browser to browser communication in the Mozilla Open Leadership 6 program. He is actively working on Privacy campaign to educate others. He always wanted to improve the Open Internet platforms. He is also an active fellow in CCGN (Creative Commons Global Network). Happy to vouch for Praveen.

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