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Мозилівець 5 років Jan 2013
Budapest, Budapest, Hungary
09:30 Europe/Budapest

Gabriel Mičko

mozTechSpeaker, App curator, App development

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firefox os dev, b2g, flame users, techspeakers


advance css, back-end development, debian, everything linux, firefox os app dev, front end development, php development, php mysql html5 css3 javascript


Англійська, Угорська, Словацька

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  • (K)risztián Karóczkai

    Gabriel creates Firefox OS's presentations, APPs and support other APP developers. With him working together very good.

  • Kalman "KAMI" Szalai

    He is quite active in the Hungarian community, helps developer and at events.

  • Havi Hoffman

    Since participating in our Firefox OS App Workshop in Budapest last year, Gabriel has stepped up to participate as a community evangelist in Hungary. Gabriel was an active presenter/participant at the Hungarian Web Conference last month - here's a link to his presentation: http://micko.sytes.net/prezi/WebConfPrezi/public_html/ He is an active member of the community apps curation board for Marketplace - representing the Hungarian language version of Mktplace and he loves to help developers.

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