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Мозилівець 12 років Jan 2007

Cláudio Esperança


android deveploment, c, css3, frontend development, git, html5, java, javascript, jquery, linux, moodle, mysql, php, software engineering, web services, wordpress


  • Jeff Beatty

    Claudio is an incredibly dedicated pt-PT localizer who is active across multiple Mozilla projects. He's dependable, friendly, and a real example of a great localizer.

  • Delphine Lebédel

    pt-PT localizer, very active accross projects

  • Michal Dziewonski

    Cláudio is leading the charge on making SUMO available to speakers of Portuguese from Portugal. Thank you for all your awesome work! https://support.mozilla.org/pt-PT/localization

  • Pascal Chevrel

    Cláudio is a key contributor to our localization effort in Portuguese from Portugal. https://wiki.mozilla.org/L10n:Teams:pt-PT

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