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Мозилівець 3 роки Sep 2015
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
16:22 Asia/Kolkata

Anirudh Voruganti

Campus Club Captain-SRMKZILLA


I am pursuing my bachelors in Electronics and Communication Engineering at SRM University, Chennai. I have Been an active part of SRMKZILLA- A Mozilla Campus Club in SRM University.I like experimenting new stuff and learn whenever there is an opportunity to do so.Being from an Non IT Back Ground I want to contribute as much I Could to the open source.


a bit of aws, basic c programming, basic electronics, beginner graphic designer, digital electronics, web hosting and domain registration


Англійська, Гінді, Телугу

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  • Karthickeyan Narasimhan

    Anirudh is an active volunteer and the official club lead of SRMKZilla- Mozilla campus club of SRM University at kattankulathur, Chennai.

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