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Мозилівець 3 роки May 2015
Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India
07:49 Asia/Kolkata

Mohammad Aamir

Webmaker, Army Of Awesome, SUMO


Hi, I am a computer science student and Passionate about HTML5. I am Supporting Open-Source technologies and i am interested in Webmaker I love helping people, love the web and so I am willing to fight for it to become more "healthy". #IAmPassionate4TheMozilla <3


mozilla uttar pradesh, army of awesome, firefox student ambassadors, webmaker, localization, web development


Англійська, Гінді

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  • Rahul Talreja

    I know Aamir for last 6 months and i am vouching him after seeing his enthusiasm in community and contribution. he has started with MDN , Webmaker and Sumo. at some point of contribution he was also enlisted as top AOA contributor. https://badges.mozilla.org/en-US/profiles/profile/aamiryan23

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