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Мозилівець 6 років Nov 2014
Villupuram, Tamil Nadu, India
10:15 Asia/Kolkata
IRC : Adam24 @ #mozTN #firefoxstudents

Mohammed Adam

முகமது ஆதம்

QA, Tech evangelism


Hi, This is A.Mohammed Adam, Im a ComputerScience Engineer. I was More Passionate on my work what Im doing now and then.

I Follow those lines in mylife that "Talent can Makes more Opportunities". Im Proud to say Im a CEH(Certified Ethical Hacker). Interested in working with Network Security, Webapplication Security, Mobile application Security etc. Bascially im a Information Security Engineer.

Im a Freesoftware Activist in Free software foundation tamilnadu(fsftn) and a member of Villupuram Gnu/Linux Users Group & Mozillian too. Im Contributing to Mozilla Quality Assurance (QMO) & involved in TechEvangelism too.

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localization, evangelism, mozilla india, tech evangelism, open badges, add-ons, webmaker, systems administration, addons, addon development, affiliates, android, app developer, bugzilla, chatzilla, community builders, desing web, do not track, firefox, firefox student ambassadors, geolocation, mozilla geolocation, app reviewers, qa, automation, accessibility, mobile


blogging, bug reporting, bug triaging, bug verification, information security, knowledge sharing, localizer, mobile qa, mozilla qa bug reproduce, mozilla qa feature test, networksecurity, penetration testing, qa tester, video blogging, vulnerability assessment, web qa


Англійська, Тамільська


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  • Ranjith Raj

    Adam is an inspiring Free Software activist. He puts great effort into documenting his explorations in various contribution areas of Mozilla and did significant contributions to l10n and QA. He is a very good community manager known for being helpful to newbies, a featured FSA and a great asset to Mozilla India community. Hope he'll keep inspiring more people to be part of Mozilla and help them grow as leaders like him.

  • Mehul Patel

    Adam is an Open Source Enthusiastic and passionate contributor. He is contributing in L10n, MDN and many. He been by far a fastest and a very good blog writer, his blogs actually helps many new FSA's to guide them to their interested contribution areas. Happily vouch Mohammed Adam.

  • Khaleel Jageer

    Adam is an Enthusiastic and passionate contributor. Dedicated in what he does for Mozilla and inspiring guy for many... :)

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