Профіль Мозилівця
Мозилівець 5 років Jul 2014
United Kingdom
13:42 Europe/London
IRC : Azelphur

Alfie Day

Volunteer at Epik




  • Sarah Allen

    One of the volunteer heroes of Mozilla Festival who bring their unique skills and dedication to the festival each year to make it the success it is today. Alfie is mutli-tasker who worked across many areas of the festival for the entire weekend and is tireless in his work ethic.

  • Невідомий поручитель

    Where to start! ;) Infamous! EPIK MozFest Mozillian youth leader volunteer who loves Bitcoin.

  • Stefan Costen

    Alfie is a Mentor for a Local project helping to Teach young people to Code Epik He is a valid and Dedicated Mozillian

    Keep Rocking the Open Web

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