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This is me

Born and raised in Lucknow, Arshdeep Singh is a full stack developer and a Mozillian from India. He’s an undergrad student in Computer Science. He is responsible for Mozilla Punjab Community. The bulk of what he is doing for Mozilla consists of Community Engagement, Education, Localization, Management, and Tech speaker. A variety of daily tasks for him include front end development, web layout, and design, print and social marketing campaigns.

After reading about Mozilla and The Mozilla Manifesto, I got hooked.

He loves to share techniques, geek, speaker, developer, open-source contributor, blockchain enthusiast, ideas on development workflow, mentoring people and sometimes random thoughts, simply put a bit of everything!

When he’s not busy at work he loves spending time outdoors, traveling to far-off places, meeting and greeting people.

Previous work

Organized a hackathon "Autumn Hacks" at Lovely Professional University with Mozilla Punjab.

Volunteer in "Dive into open source" by Mozilla Punjab.

Speaker at "Git init" by Mozilla Punjab.

Organized a few webinars "Elastic Search", "Machine learning for humans" by Mozilla Punjab.

I love to talk! Hit me up?


  • Ranjith Raj

    Appreciate his thoughts on expanding the community with diverse activities. I was amazed for his understanding on revolutionary spirit of Jallianwala Bagh memorial at his age, in our first meeting. I found him with same clarity of thought in internet freedom struggle.over the period of time with his involvement in the community. Looking forward to work for taking up the fight against internet shutdowns in India.

  • Tanzeel Khan

    I met harshdeep during a mozilla event at his college in Punjab. He's been one of the active members of Mozilla Punjab Community and has helped organise events and workshops in his college. I'm sure that he'll keep contributing to mozilla and will inspire others to be a part of this community.

  • Vishal Das

    Arsh has been an active Mozillian and one of the few people behind the rapid growth of Mozilla Punjab. His contribution towards keeping the community active and welcoming new Mozillians is commendable. I've worked with him personally with him for all the events organized by Mozilla Punjab and I am sure he will keep contributing to Mozilla's Mission in the future. Happy to vouch for you, good luck for the future Arsh!

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