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Мозилівець 6 років Aug 2014
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
21:55 America/Toronto
IRC : abbycabs

Abigail Cabunoc Mayes

Practice Lead, Working Open

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  • Syed Omar Faruk Towaha

    Abigail Cabunoc Mayes is an awesome lead developer of Mozilla Science Lab. She helped me a lot while I started doing something for Mozilla Science. She knows how to help people. I really appreciate her helping approaches. Thanks Abigail for your awesome work :)

  • Stephanie Wright

    Abby is the lead developer on our Mozilla Science Lab team and a GitHub instructor extraordinaire! She has been invaluable in getting me up & running on our GitHub repositories and is always quick to respond when questions arise. So happy to be able to work with her!

  • Kaitlin Thaney

    Abby is our lead developer for the Mozilla Science Lab, helping the broader scientific community get started with open source and collaboration.

  • Bobby Richter

    I have worked next to Abby for a long time now, and she is a great Mozilla staff member :).

  • Dino McVouch

    An automatic vouch for being a Mozilla employee.

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