Mozillians ప్రోఫైల్
ఈ సంవత్సరాలకు Mozillian 3 Feb 2015
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
02:58 Asia/Kolkata
IRC : rowdymehul

Mehul Patel

મેહુલ પટેલ

Reps Mentor, Campus Advisory Committee,Tech Speaker,OpenSource Geek


Hi, I’m Mehul Patel and I specialize in Information Technology and Services. I’m passionate about what I do, and I love to help people. Nothing is more fulfilling than being part of a team with similar interests.

Linux Geek, Web Developer, Loved to watch movies, Big fan of Cricket, Loved to teach, Big dreams are waiting for me...I'm coming!!!

Proud Mozillian, Mozilla Reps, Campus Advisory Committee - Mozilla! Community Builder, SUMO Contributors, Recruit & guide new FSA's. I am part of Mozilla India's Policy and Advocacy Task Force & Mozilla Learning Network. Localization reviewer for Gujarati.

Learn, Teach & Innovate...!!

Nashik - Gujarat, India.

నా సహకార కధ

Access Groups

nda, social support, mozilla reps mentor


firefox student ambassadors, firefox, webmaker, opensource, army of awesome


active public speaker, android, aws, cloud computing, cms, community building, event managment, event organization, linux, opensource, openstack, php, webmaker


ఆంగ్లం, గుజరాతి, హిందీ, మరాఠీ

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వౌచ్ చేసినవారు

  • Shreyas Narayanan Kutty

    Mehul is an active contributor of the Mozilla Learning network community in India and a #teachtheweb enthusiast. He has conducted KidZilla events in his community that aims at teaching kids the basics of Web literacy and open web. He also actively recruits new Mozillians in his community and mentors them. He blogs at:

  • Siddhartha Rao

    Mehul has always been one of the most active members in the Nashik community. His contributions in respect to whatsoever domain, has been unique and really noticeable. I believe he is an asset to the overall Mozilla community and I feel really glad to vouch him.

  • April Morone

    Mehul is a very active part of the Mozilla community, helping to spread the word about any new technologies and info pertaining to IT about which Mozillians can learn. He does this, online. And he helps do this in a group, online, on Facebook called TeamOltron, quite often. He added me to this group so that I may also do this, as well, for Mozillians. But, he is, by far, more actively doing this than I can. He is so passionate in helping, not just passionate Open Source. Awesome quality.

  • Vishal Chavan

    The thing which which stands out for Mehul is his passion for Open Source technologies. He has started a trend known as Open Source Super Sunday, in which he spreads awareness about many such technologies.

    He is also a very active volunteer of Mozilla Nashik and is has been contributing to many areas such as Community Building.

  • Nikhil Patel

    An Open source enthusiastic.A good speaker,who loves to contributing to open source. One of the active member in Nashik Community.He is actively contributing in webmaker project etc.

  • Mayur Sharad Patil

    Mehul is a passionate Open source enthusiastic . One of the active member of Mozilla Nashik Community. A good speaker who has taken many open source events all over India. I happily vouch mehul


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