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11:56 Europe/Podgorica

Rajko Orman

Community Builder, Localizator, Party Organizer


So, I am passionate about a lot of thing. I am CEO at NGO, and I am trying to change the world. My first step in that is running NGO, and creating community Mozilla Crna Gora.


firefoxos, hack jam, maker party, marketing, webmaker, mozilla-montenegro


css, html, mysql, php



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  • Brian King

    Rajko has been doing great work leading our Firefox OS launch efforts in Montenegro.

  • Nikos Roussos

    Rajko has done awesome work as Mozilla Rep in bootsraping the Mozilla community in Montenegro.

  • Konstantina Papadea

    Rajko is a Mozilla rep and has done an awesome work in Montenegro, spreading the word about Mozilla and especially Firefox OS

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