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ఈ సంవత్సరాలకు Mozillian 8 Jan 2012
Secunderabad, Telangana, India
IRC : ramd

Ram Dayal Vaishnav


Hello there. I am Ram, and here is some brief introduction about myself. I am a web developer by profession, I am contributing to Mozilla as a volunteer & I follow lot of hobbies.

I love volunteering for Mozilla because of two reasons - first, I believe in Mozilla's mission and second, I love the community ;). I am very passionate for technology & learning and working with Mozillians help me in achieving both.

Work at Mozilla :

  • I started my contribution in Mozilla with SuMo, Firefox OS & FSA program. I am Reviewer for Hindi Localization.
  • I worked closely with Marketplace team and worked on community building for code contributors around Marketplace codebase. I was also chosen as Friend of Marketplace in April 2015 :)
  • Proud to have co-founded Mozilla Community Rajasthan.
  • Currently I am mostly involved with Reps program, Tech speakers program, MozVR and community building in India.

Hobbies :

  • I love to play musical instruments (mouth organ, piano etc)
  • I enjoy solving various Rubik cubes and mathematical puzzles like Sudoku.
  • I love adventure. I do biking regularly & do various other activities like trekking, caving, bouldering, .
  • I also love blogging and public speaking.

Speaking interests:

  • Open sources & Technologies
  • Positive thinking
  • Community Building
  • WebVR

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వౌచ్ చేసినవారు

  • Amy Tsay

    Ram is an awesome community-builder for Marketplace, and organized the first-ever regional Marketplace Day in India.

  • Frédéric Harper

    Ram is very active in the Indian community. There is no doubt about his involvement as a Mozillian when you look at his blog [1] (like the camp he just did in Pink City Jaipur) or by looking to his ReMo profile [2] (like the hackathon he organized in Andhra Pradesh), or when you read about his love of Mozilla [3]. I'm glad Ram is a Mozillian.

    [1] [2] [3]

  • గుర్తుతెలియని వౌచర్

    A Rep-hero, stellar Mozillian, an App Developer and a Community Builder. MCR ka baap, ofcourse a sitting Mozillian from Hyderabad Community :)

    An Open-Source lover, and a bug maker-cum-fixer. A lot into event organizing and recruiting contributors. Helps Mozilla more than enough to push its mission. Happy to vouch for Ram :)

  • Srikar Ananthula

    Hi is very active in building community in his region and active rep :)

  • Brian King

    Ram is an active Mozilla Rep doing great work in the community.


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