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Madhuri Mittal

माधुरी मित्तल

Testing (Mobile & web), Bug verification & reporting, learning webVR


I am passionate and believe in working "out of comfort zone" about everything I choose to do and hence a QA by profession. Testing and finding bugs in all types of apps is what I love and that's why Mozilla's mission inspired me to effectively contribute my skills to Mozilla as a Volunteer.

I am a multitask-er with an ability to work well with any kind of work promise to finish it perfectly and on time. My platform is on both Web and Mobile (Android & iOS) apps to test them manually as well as through automation(QTP, learning selenium & Appium with the latest updates of iOS10) along with other enjoying testing tools with test case writing and bug reporting and verification.

Work at Mozilla -

  • Tested Firefox Nightly, Mozilla Add-ons on different platforms and reported corresponding bugs.
  • Participated in Bug Verfication day for Firefox Nightly, verified the bugs resolved and actively contributing to their follow-ups.
  • Made an A-frame scene learnt under Mozillia's event for WebVR.
  • Being a part of Mozilla India and MCR community, helping in community building.
  • Tested Firefox for Android and reported bugs for the same.

Hobbies n Insiders -

  • Writing is my strength so I am poet who express through poems.
  • Solving reasoning questions is really an enjoyment and relaxing activity for me.
  • I love skating and playing badminton.
  • Participating in debates, public speaking and making Portraits is an another phase of mine.
  • Reading motivational write ups and stories are my source of inspiration.


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  • Andrei Vaida

    Madhuri is one of the most active QA contributors, she participated consistently in various events organized by the community and her work has repeatedly proven to be pretty solid - these are just a few of her most recent contributions: bug fix verification, bug reporting. Thank you, Madhuri! Keep up the good work!

  • Ehsan Akhgari

    Madhuri helped verify bug 1344732!

  • Ram Dayal Vaishnav

    Madhuri has been a contributor to Mozilla QA since quite a long time and has made significant impact through her quality work. She is also part of MCR & Mozilla India community and has been part of many community events including recent WebVR event in Vadodara. Thank you so much Madhuri for how you showed up and stayed engaged during our entire WebVR workshop from planning till execution and post-event activities. I am very happy to vouch for Madhuri! #HappyContributing :-)

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