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ఈ సంవత్సరాలకు Mozillian 6 Jan 2014
Secunderabad, Telangana, India
07:06 Indian/Antananarivo
IRC : Akshay

Akshay Tiwari


Mozilla Rep. Community Building and SUMO Webmaker Codebase ( Beginner) .

Speaking Interests : Mozilla Mission, Participation Firefox OS and Webmaker.

Dedicated Mozillian Blog link:

Last but not the least, a proud Mozillian. :D


sumo, mozilla guides, webmaker, web development, recruiting, webfwd, metrics, community builders, mozspeakers


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  • Robert Sayles

    Akshay, always been a strong contributor for SUMO! A great asset to the Mozilla movement.

  • Raghuram Korukonda

    Akshay is an active contributor from Hyderabad. He is best in mentoring newbies on Bugzilla, Firefox OS Applications, OneAndDone and also Webmaker Tools. He is an out of box thinker and a energetic person.(Also a good dancer too..)

  • Michal Dziewonski

    Akshay is an energetic and enthusiastic contributor for SUMO, always around and happy to help.

  • Srikar Ananthula

    Akshay is very active in local community , He mentors newbies to get start with their contributions. He is good at video editing, dancing, coding ! He solves bugs from many contribution areas. He is good at expressing his ideas and implementing them.

  • Ajay Kumar Jogawath

    Akshay is an awesome mozillian contributing in projects like Bugzilla, Firefox OS Apps, Community Building.


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