Mozillian sedan 7 år tillbaka Nov 2013
Warangal, Telangana, India
02:04 Indian/Christmas

Vijay Martha


Graduate, Developer and Tech lover. Very interested to explore the various technologies.Speaker for various mozilla sessions and interested to spread the interests related to mozilla community and opensource

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mozilla community warangal, developer tools, app developer, flame users, qa, apps


+conception graphique+, android, c, cplusplus, html, html5, java, javascript, matlab, networking, online promotion through social media, opensource, web design


Engelska, Hindi, Telugu


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  • Bala Subramaniyan

    vijay martha is a very active contributor from past 2 years from his university in warangal community. Guested many events and promoted the modules of mozilla and headed the events by attending every event on various sessions. He is heading his local community and also the webmaker mentor helping to teach web.

  • sandeep kapalawai

    Vijay being an Opensource enthusiast, had been contributing to Mozilla for more than an year. It's my pleasure to vouch him!

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