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Dallas, Texas, United States
03:15 America/Chicago
IRC : rtsayles

Robert Sayles

Mozilla Rep/Mentor


A native of Richmond, Virginia, Sayles holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Work from the University of Pittsburgh. Sayles also has a minor in travel and business administration and an extensive background of strong leadership and community advocacy. Sayles currently resides in Chicago, IL and has been active in web development and flight simulations community since 1999 when he became fascinated in technology. Sayles is currently a Mozilla Contributor and Advocate for the Mozilla Mission and movement. Sayles holds a management position in commercial aviation since the year 2000 with a major U.S. air carrier in Chicago, IL.

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mozilla reps mentor, nda, slack-access, social support


affiliates, army of awesome, communications, community engagement, couchsurfing, engagement, firefox flicks, fundraising, hive, marketing, mentor, mozfest, one and done, people, recruiting, sf-monument, summit2013, support, toronto, user engagement, webmaker, north american events, portland, testdays-relaunch-v1, mozilla guides, comms reps, repsmozfest2014, contributor engagement, flame users, events, brand, community builders, firefoxos, social contributors, qa, mozfest-volcord


communications, group events, leadership, project development, social media, social media marketing, web development



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  • David Weir

    Robert has been very active in the SuMo Community

    hes also been a active rep for Mozilla

  • Michaela (Thayer) Smiley

    Robert is a passionate, responsive, and diligent Mozillian. I've worked with him over the past year on the social media moderation program. He is one of our leaders, having been one of the most compelling and positive "voices" of Firefox through several social media crises spurred by events in 2014. For this, I am so thankful. He is wonderful to work with!

  • Wissam Imad Alazzam

    Robert is a very active rep , known for his contribution to mozilla events and programs .

  • Regnard Raquedan

    Robby is a very active Mozilla Rep where he is a huge supporter of events in North America, as well as a driver for the Webmaker program.

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