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  • Robert Sayles

    I had the privilege to work with Kelsey during Mozfest 2018. Kelsey contribution made a significant impact on Mozfest success.

  • David Ross

    I met Kelsey during MozFest 2018 when I was wrangling the Privacy and Security space. We'd hit a moment of confusion in our schedule and Kelsey was there to offer her support my way, words of encouragement, a huge genuine smile, amplified joy heard from our attendees, and actively sought to make sure folks were OK. Folks like Kelsey are precisely why MozFest is such an excellent event.

  • Ziggy Maes

    Kelsey has been an amazing help at both the 2017 and 2018 Mozilla Festival. She is kind, very pleasant to work with and a volunteer you can rely on when things go wrong. Kelsey did more than quadruple the hours she was required to, doing a ridiculous amount of work everywhere she was. Kelsey is an extraordinary Mozillian and we would love to see even more of her in the future! Thank you for being awesome.

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