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Мозилијан 10 година Jun 2010
IRC : marti1125

Willy Aguirre

Mozilla Reps, Engineering, Web Design, WebExtensions


Web Application Developer, I started to contribute in mozilla community like a developer, I created a facebook apps for Mozilla Peru and I'm making technical events about Mozilla


My principal project for mozilla community is ASK-SUMO this app provide a search, this search works with SUMO, support 18 languages.



I worked with Piotr Zalewa (zalun) at Apache Cordova Firefox OS And He suggested me to work on ServiceWorkers (WADI Team)

Member of Marketplace's Community Curation Board https://wiki.mozilla.org/Marketplace/Contributing/Apps/CommunityCuration

I passed GSoC 2015 my mentor worked at Twitter (Open Source Office) http://twitter.github.io/cli-guide.js/index.html


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apps, b2g, boot2gecko, coding, couchsurfing, creative, dev, graphics, javascript, labs, mobile, mozilla hispano equipo creativo, mozilla hispano, peru, ruby, sf-monument, summit2013, summit2013-toronto, sumo, web development, localization, nodejs, html5, mozspeakers, cordova, firefoxos, evangelism, mozilla peru


android, backbone, bootstrap, css3, facebook dev, git, html5, java, javascript, less, nodejs, open web, phonegap, php, python-pygame, redis, ruby, ruby on rails, rust, scala, sencha


Енглески, Шпански

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  • Scott DeVaney

    Willy is an inaugural member of Marketplace's Community Curation Board. He plays a key role in discovering the best apps content to feature on Marketplace, abnd has so far done a great job in selecting feature-worthy apps like LINE, Karate Crush, OpenWapp, Scientific Calculator, and others. Willy's role requires ongoing monthly contributions.


  • Havi Hoffman

    Willy is an active technical contributor in the Mozilla Peru community. In addition to developing locally relevant Firefox apps and contributing code to the Firefox OS / Apache Cordova integration project, Willy is also a key contributor to these projects:

    http://devcode.la/firefoxos/ - an online training course for FxOS http://mozilla.pe/apps - a curated collection of Peruvian apps

  • Gloria Meneses

    Mozilla Rep, developer, Mozilla hispano member.

  • Dino McVouch

    An automatic vouch for attending Summit 2013 Day 1

  • Dino McVouch

    An automatic vouch for attending Summit 2013 Day 2

  • Dino McVouch

    An automatic vouch for attending Summit 2013 Day 3


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