Профил Мозилијана


ਸੋਨੀਆ ਸਿੰਗਲਾ

Code Contributor (Devtools) | Pontoon Localization Maintainer


CNCF Intern 2020 | Outreachy 2019 Intern at Mozilla | Open-Source Contributor at Mozilla | Mozilla Representative | 20 y.o

Моја прича о доприносу


community builders, developer engagement


,javascript, .react js, c c++, competitive programming, localization


Енглески, Хинди, Пенџапски

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  • Amanpreet Alam

    Sonia is helped Panjabi team with her translation work. She contributed to localization. She motivated other people to contribute in localization project. I really appreciated her for her dedication and hard work. Happy to vouch her.

  • Shivam Singhal

    Sonia is a code contributor. She is working a lot from helping students get started with open source, sending patches to addons.mozilla.org, debugger, she organizes events, localizing various mozilla projects. Happy to have you in community.

  • Peiying Mo

    Sonia joined us with a strong interest in localizing AMO, a huge project. She was eager to learn the l10n tool, proactively seeking for feedback from her peers, and has steadily gained trust on the quality of her work. She has always been finding more ways to contribute where is needed most. She is now looking to expand the community at her school, encouraging other to find passion and interest in open source and localization. Sonia, we are so happy to have you as a Mozillian!


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