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Shreenath Tewari

Mentor - Mozilla Clubs


Pursuing Computer Science and Engineering in SRM University. I have volunteered for #teachtheweb campaigns conducted by Mozilla Clubs since December, 2015, namely, HelloWeb (December, 2015, July, 2016 and December, 2016) and India Uses Firefox Nightly (June, 2017). I have been a part of the organising team of Make With Mozilla (March, 2016), Maker Party Chennai (September, 2016) and HelloWeb Curriculum Workshop (June, 2017).

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.css3 html5 java javascript, .laravel, .ruby on rails


Бенгалски, Енглески, Хинди

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    Shreenath is an active Mozillian who has been contributing to Mozilla Club events and was an integral part of the Hello Web 2015 & 2016- Web Literacy Campaign. (Ref: https://goo.gl/z8eVco )

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