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kumar rishav



Myself a Mozillian , Gsocer, Open Source lover ,Firefox OS App developer,Blogger, programmer. Contributor at Mozilla Forums, Army of Awesome(AoA), SUMO(SUpport MOzilla),Bugzilla,Testing and much more ...I am always ready to spread Mozilla to every corner. And Finally LOVE TO FIX BUG Speaking Interest in open source, Firefox OS, Firefox OS app dev, Gaia slideshare : http://www.slideshare.net/rishavraj737001/appdaysindore-36160160 https://wiki.mozilla.org/Firefox_Club_NIT_TRICHY_CHAPTER My Contribution to Firefox OS can be found here: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/user_profile?login=rishav006%40gmail.com


add-ons, affiliates, aoa, apps, boot2gecko, bugzilla, marketing, mozilla, qa, sf-monument, support, web dev, firefox student ambassadors, mozspeakers, army of awesome, nda


adobe photoshop, ajax, algorithms, c, css3, database management, event management, firefox os, graphic design, html5, javascript, marketing, mysql, php, user research, user support


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  • Tanay Pant

    An awesome Mozillian who helped me with my book "Learning Firefox OS Application Development" by acting as a reviewer. He is also a Rep and a FSA.

  • Sujith Reddy

    A pretty young upcoming Engineer and a long time dev contributor. Student by day, Mozillian by night. Exhibits infinite energy in Hackathons and other workshops. Rishav had been helping Mozilla to push its mission more. Happy to vouch for him, and can't wait to see more contributions from this young kid.

  • Jaipradeesh

    Rishav has submitted number of patches for Gaia. Well versed with Javascript.


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