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Мозилијан 7 година Jan 2013
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
03:37 Australia/Melbourne
IRC : Ram


Mozilla Contributor,Open source developer,web maker Mentor


Apart from studying computer science and engineering in GITAM University, I am very much interested in Web Application design and development and I love to make friends.I am a tech enthusiast and always try to explore new things around me and also a tech evangelist.I do build better community in Visakhapatnam so that we can work on many projects and make contributions.I worked on many projects like webmaker,SUMO,Bugzilla,One and Done,Moztrap and some open source platforms like github and I have done my research on Interviewing users for Mozilla under Markerpulse stream guided by Emma Irwin.I am a webmaker mentor,add-on tester,community builder,FOSS speaker and also a proud mozillian.I always believe in open web and I will protect it until my last breath.


addon-builder, addon development, addonmaker, addons, amo, app development, army of awesome, blogger, bugzilla, bug triage, club lead, coffee, conferences, contributor engagement, cpp, developers, education, education- webmaker, entrepreneurship, firefox, firefox club, firefox student ambassadors, fsa, developer tools


2d flash animation, adobe photoshop, c and c++, community builder, css, dream weaver, html, i like traveling, robotics, web designing, web developement, wordpress development


Енглески, Хинди, Телугу

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  • Pedy Reddy Sai Charan Reddy

    Ramaraju as individual and group has been active in coordinating and volunteering in FSA and Maker Party event at my local community and used to help me in many events in making it happen. He is playing a key role in making social media prints on social platforms and blogs which made an impact in the community. I would love to vouch Ramaraju.

  • Michal Dziewonski

    Ramaraju has been contributing to Mozilla's presence both in India and online for a while now. He already has the support of two great contributors, so I am happy to add my voice to this vouch.

  • Deepak Upendra

    Ramaraju has been a great and active contributor at his place. As a FOSS enthusiast, he has contributed to Mozilla in many ways like completing tasks on One And Done and MozTrap, filing bugs, etc. He has also mentored many WebMaker events at his place and thus, has earned the WebMaker Mentor Badge! I am really happy to vouch Ramaraju and his works as a Mozillian!

  • Sumanth Damarla

    Ramaraju is an active FSA in his region. Enthusiastic and passionate contributor. He is currently contributing in Webmaker, One and done, Moztrap. Dedicated in what he does for Mozilla. I am happy to endorse his work as a Mozillian.


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