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Мозилијан 7 година Dec 2012
Warangal, Telangana, India
13:06 Asia/Kolkata
IRC : Devendra Dora

M Devendra Kumar Dora

I develop addons ,firefox apps and conducted various events .


Currently Pursuing education in B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering in National Institute of Technology,Warangal

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addon development, sf-monument, web development, add-ons, army of awesome, firefox student ambassadors, mozilla india, firefoxos


c, c++, css, html, java, javascript, mysql, php, python


Енглески, Хинди, Одија, Телугу

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Јамчен од стране

  • Bala Subramaniyan

    Devendra Kumar Dora, One of the consistent contributor from Mozilla Community warangal. Been part of many techy events from community side, Since 2 years ago. He use to conduct sessions on Firefox Add-on & Firefox OS app development. And also good at blogging the various Mozilla Projects in a detailed way (http://devendradora.blogspot.in).

  • Ajay Kumar Jogawath

    Devendra has been an awesome contributor involved in addons, bug fixing in gaia in github as well as documentation.

  • Sudheesh Singanamalla

    Devendra has contributed to add-on development, Firefox OS Apps and has always been a great support in the organization of different events for web literacy and mozilla code hack-nights. He has been a mentor to other students and given valuable support in helping then build Firefox OS Applications.

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