Профил Мозилијана
Мозилијан 4 године Aug 2016
New Delhi, NCT, India
04:51 Asia/Kolkata
IRC : championshuttler

Shivam Singhal

Extension Developer | Bug squasher @ AMO


Software Developer, loves to play with Javascript

Mozilla and Me:

  • AMO
  • Add-ons Dev
  • MDN
  • Campus Club

Моја прича о доприносу


,python, .css3 html javascript


Енглески, Хинди

Веб сајтови

Спољни налози

Алтернативни идентитети контакта

Јамчен од стране

  • Caitlin Neiman

    Shivam is an add-ons code contributor and extension developer. He brings terrific energy to the add-ons community.

  • Anup Kumar Mishra

    Shivam is a very energetic contributor from Mozilla Delhi (Mozpacers) and is very active in the community for both technical and non-technical tasks. He is always ready to contribute and learn new things. I am happy to vouch for him .

  • Trishul Goel

    Shivam has co authored webextensions.tech, he has been working a lot for AMO community from organizing events, speaking at tech meetups about webextensions, to developing addons. He has also been mentoring newbies and helped them to learn Javascript and create extensions. happy to vouch for him.

  • Pushpita Dey

    He has been working very actively with the local community for the last one year. He has also acted as tech speaker for a couple of events. He is very active as a club captain in his college also. Here is his link of his blog: https://championshuttler.wordpress.com/


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