Профил Мозилијана
IRC : dreian

Andrei Cristian Petcu

Спољни налози

  • Mozilla Add-ons: andreipetcu
  • Mozilla Discourse: andreip
  • Mastodon: andreipetcu@mastodon.social

Јамчен од стране

  • Paul Wright

    Aside from the feedback I have seen from users as to how helpful Andrei is, he has learned new things about Firefox that will not only help him to help others but also help grow his considerable skills as a member of the Mozilla community. A Mozillian can have many different facets - but the ability to use them in different ways is what will help make the web more open for everyone in the future.

  • Непознат јемац

    Andrei is an outstanding help on the Social Support team. He can be found on Twitter helping anyone who is having problems with their copy of Firefox. He is always respectful and never turns a user down.

  • Caitlin Neiman

    Andrei is an outstanding member of the add-ons community. In addition to being an add-on developer, he is also an active member of our forum on Discourse and has always provided outstanding support and guidance to users and developers who have questions.

  • Bryan Clark

    Andrei is active on the forums, bugzilla, and has built several web extensions as well as contributions to the debugger

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