Профил Мозилијана
Мозилијан 4 године Aug 2015
United States
17:27 America/Detroit
IRC : alex_johnson

Alex Johnson


I want to help create a better open web while learning a lot of new skills, which is why I am a part of the Mozillian community. I also love video games and music.

Моја прича о доприносу


mobile, firefox for android, sf-monument, android, python, linux, rust, fennec, michiganders


.c++, .java, android, asp .net, csharp, perl, python



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Јамчен од стране

  • Sebastian Kaspari

    Alex has helped to migrate Toasts to Snackbars in Firefox for Android and the Add-on APIs (Development and documentation). Thanks!

  • Nick Alexander

    Alex has helped with or fixed a bunch of different tickets for the Firefox for Android team. Thanks, Alex!

  • Michael Comella

    Alex has been doing an awesome job fixing front-end Firefox for Android bugs for us. See https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/user_profile?login=mrjohnsonalex%40gmail.com


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