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RJ Hsiao

L10n Contributor


Hi, I'm RJ.

I'm a Taiwanese, a Ubuntu-TW (Ubuntu Taiwan Local Community) member, MozTW (Mozilla Taiwan Local Community) member and front-end developer.

I was a volunteer in COSCUP 2010/2011/2012, OSDC.TW 2012, JSDC 2012, and I hold Firefox x Ubuntu 12(.04) Release Party, Ubuntu 10.10/11.04/11.10/12.10 Release Party @ Taiwan and other events.

I can program with C/C++, C#, Python, HTML+CSS+JavaScript, PHP, node.js, and I plan to learning Perl...I'll start learning Java when I have to use, but not now just because I don't like Oracle.

I like Japanese animations, comics, games, and I can speak japanese. I also passed JLPT Level N1.

You can Follow my murmur with SNS I listed in my about.me profile page: http://about.me/RJ_Hsiao , if you can read chinese :P Sometimes I will write message with japanese in twitter, but just "sometimes"...

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l10n:translation, l10n:zh-tw, moztw, sf-monument, summit2013, summit2013-brussels, ubuntu, localization, firefox student ambassadors, tossug


c language, c plus plus, c-sharp, css, html, javascript, linux, node.js, php, python, ubuntu


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