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Мозилијан 9 година Oct 2011
Boston, Massachusetts,
IRC : CaptainCalliope

Lyre Calliope

Volunteer, Muse, Captain


My modus operandi is to identify strategic gaps, and figure out how to fill them by bringing people and efforts into alignment.

My background is as a community organizer and coach at the intersections of activism, entrepreneurship, and open source. I'm actively working to cultivate a skillset conducive to product management.

I work with/within Mozilla because I'm motivated by a vision of identity-centric web services that merge developer experience and user experience together as amplifiers for creativity and impact.. not just for the world, but for Mozilla's ability to deliver on mission as well. The world I want to live in necessitates a strong networked/cloud user-agent that offers people control over ALL of their personal data and rebalances the power dynamic between people and corporations. I believe Mozilla is the place to be to save the world.

I'm a Mozilla Rep.

I'm also a module peer for the MozillaWiki. We're seeking new leadership: http://captaincalliope.net/2015/08/03/mozillawiki-team-update-call-for-new-leadership/

I occasionally work out of the Mozilla Boston office and help steward the space. Let me know if you need anything!

I'm heavily active in Code for America and the local civic tech scene as community manager of Code for Boston.

If you're interested in process, documentation, mentorship, organizational learning, organizational culture, facilitation, roadmapping, and governance, let's definitely talk!


apps, boston, community builders, devexp, engagement, googleplus, hackerspaces, labs, open badges, people, ponies, sf-monument, summit2013, summit2013-toronto, toriphiles, ux, webfwd, webmaker, wiki, north american events, storytelling, mentor, code for america, repsmozfest2014, social contributors, gossamer, first followers, participation, participation systems, holochain


community building, evangelism, events planning, mentoring, needs assessment, networking, pattern recognition, public speaking, research, storytelling, strategic forecasting, trendspotting, wiki gardening

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  • Dino McVouch

    An automatic vouch for being a Mozilla employee.

  • Michelle Marovich

    Lyre and I work together in a variety of ways on community building. He is always willing to help, brainstorm solutions and offer unique perspectives. He's a valuable addition to any part of Mozilla!

  • Gordon P. Hemsley

    Lyre does important work coordinating the Mozilla community and the greater community of Open Source software. He is always brainstorming new ideas to push the Web, and the human race, forward.

  • Larissa (Brown) Shapiro

    Thanks for being part of Mozilla realizing how important to the world Mozilla is. You make a big difference. // Karl Thiessen wrote: he attended the QA Work Week in Mt View in late July of 2014, and was tremendously helpful in developing community strategy for QA.


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