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Moxillian që prej 4 vitesh Jan 2014
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
17:54 Asia/Kolkata
IRC : vaibhav1994

Vaibhav Agrawal


I like to code and hack stuff, and I am an open source enthusiast. I spend my time learning exciting computer related stuff and solving cool and challenging problems. Currently a contributor to the automation team in Mozilla.

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a-team, automation


cplusplus, python


Anglisht, Indisht


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  • Joel Maher

    Vaibhav successfullly completed a GSoC project in 2014 which involved committing many patches to our unittest framework.

    It started with this:

    and ended up with a meta bug:

    Vaibhav really understood the problem space and has proposed a way to detect and ignore intermittent failures on try server pushes.

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