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Martin Ferreira Pereyra

Control de Calidad (QA)


My name is Martin Ferreira. I am a young student of electrical engineer at Facultad de Ingenieria (UdelaR), I have been studying there since 2012. I am passionate about education, robots, renewable energies, environment, gaming and programming. I have traveled around some departments of Uruguay to view some impacts of the technology on a rural environment, and helped with the advance of the technology in those places.

I have participated in several courses that involved creativity as the main theme. I love to make circuits and inventions of all kind, especially the ones that provides autonomy and are friendly with the environment. I spent two years on a proyect called “Desem: young entrepreneurs”, there I had to make my own company and develop a product. Once I finished that course, I have worked as a junior counselor teaching to the new ones how to make a company from the base. I know how to program in Pascal and a little of HTML5, nowadays I am learning C. I speak English (with a level of FCE University of Cambridge, nowadays I am studying for CAE), Portuguese and Italian. I made a course online of “Design, organization and evaluation of games and gamification” dictated by Universidad Europea of Madrid. It was based on the theory and history of the video games. Nowadays I am helping Mozilla as a collaborator in the area of Quality Assurance testing programs. Actually I am at #firefoxstudents, and trying to generate a community here in Uruguay.


mobile, qa, uruguay, mozilla hispano, testdays-relaunch-v1

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  • Gabriela Montagu

    Martín colabora en Control de calidad de Mozilla Hispano de manera sostenida desde enero de 2014. Comenzó probando aplicaciones de Marketplace, luego agregó la participación a los Testdays y asistió a todas las reuniones del equipo. Tradujo el artículo acerca de Cómo escribir un bug correctamente y también otros artículos de MDN junot con Yunito. Fue elegido Colaborador del mes en abril de 2014. También participa en la comunidad de Uruguay.

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