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Harish Kumawat

i am teaching people's tht how dose it works n also how to get involed


Hello am Harish kumawat ... doing engg. Fron JIET-Jodhpur in cse branch n loving to contribution in mozila


add-ons, firefox student ambassadors, mcr - mozilla community rajasthan, affiliates


Anglisht, Indisht

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  • Chandan Kumar Baba

    One of emerging volunteer,who is doing awesome within community as well as supporting Mozilla too. One of the guy who translated Firefox OS strings and show about his true quality.

  • Trishul Goel

    An emerging volunteer from Jodhpur, currently contributing well to SUMO and localization . Also loves to spread the Mozilla Mission, recently hosted a Fire-kid-party

  • Meghraj Suthar

    He is awesome contributor, as well as doing great job as a FSA. Happy to Vouch Him.

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