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Edoardo Viola


I Start to use IT Technologies from I was 7 years old, and, from that moment, my life is changed. During my Studies I getting in touch with various Programming Languages. From 2004 I'm a Linux user and from 2006 I'm Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird User.

What do I do?

  • I just taked the first level degree in Computer Science (Vote: 106/110)

Actually I'm a Mozilla Contributor in these programs or Project:

  • Mozilla Festival 2017 (Space Wrangler)
  • Mozilla Reps
  • Mozilla Campus Club Program (Regional Coordinator & Campus Advisory Committee)
  • Mozilla Learning Network (Club Captain)
  • Localization in Italian
  • Regional Community Coach (Region 3)
  • Open Leadership Training Program (Mentor)

Speaking interests: Web Development, HTML5, Php, Css and Community participation.

From August to November 2016 I participate at Open Leadership Training (OLT) Round 2 with the Project OpenStudentBook : A guide to Help the Community OpenSource to Grow in the Universities

In the past I worked in these projects and programs :

  • Firefox Student Ambassadors Program (Regional Ambassador Lead & Campus Advisory Committee)
  • Mozilla Developer Network Localization
  • Mozilla Support
  • Reps Regional Coach for Region 3
  • Mozilla’s Leadership Toolkit Team Member
  • Community Advisory Group Member

How Club Captain of the Mozilla Cagliari Club I've Done:

Some other informations are in my Personal Blog: Link

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  • Daniele Scasciafratte

    Edoardo is amazing, with him we are started to reorganize the FSA program in Italy and improve our community. QWe are started also to organize the Firefox Clubs in Italy and started new promotional way to attract new volunteer and do a correct promotion about the FSA Manifesto.

  • Joshua Rubin

    One of my RAL interviewee and the first RAL in Europe. He is very much passionate about the FSA program and since he became an RAL he have done a lot of meetings and events already to promote the program and recruit more FSA in his region. He also contributes in translating some pages in MDN and Sumo to Italian. He is really motivated to do more to have the FSA program expanded in Italy.

  • Alex Johnson

    Edoardo has helped quite a bit with translating MDN and Sumo pages to Italian.

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