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Secunderabad, Telangana, India
01:25 Asia/Kolkata

Deepak Upendra

ReMo, Senior FSA, Webmaker Super Mentor, QA, developing apps, mentor.


I am pursuing my 3rd year in B.C.A. I am a computer geek interested in almost everything in and related to computer (and other technology). I am very Creative and can be part of a team. I can think “Outside the Box” and posses “Positive-can-do” attitude. I can prepare excellent presentations for demonstrations. I am a Workaholic and work under pressure. I like perfection in my creative work and put my 100% into everything I do.

I have been contributing to Mozilla as a Senior Firefox Student Ambassador through webmaker, QA, Localization, army of awesome, hosting and mentoring events, developing apps and solving bugs since March 2014. I became a Mozilla Rep in November, 2015.

I like to nurture my skills through workshop, seminar, webinar, training and certification programs.

I like Designing and Developing games and apps.

I have a sound knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, HTML5, Python and Java.

List of my best attributes are I am organized, convening, Positive attitude, dedicated towards my work and leadership.

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qa, apps, localization, evangelism, persona, program management, recruiting, web development, webfwd, asia, firefox, firefox student ambassadors, hive india, india, mozilla india, mozspeakers, webqa, famous photo star, sf-monument


admin, administrator, artificial intellegence, css, deep learning, git, html, html5, iot, java, javascript, jquery, localizer, machine learning, mysql, persona, php, python, scripting, speaker, webmaker


Anglisht, Indisht, Malajalamisht, Tamilisht, Teluguisht


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  • Stephen Donner

    I've seen -- both first-hand and through his many linked contributions -- the scope and variety (as well as depth and passion) of Deepak's involvement with Mozilla. Happily vouched! Cheers!

  • Michal Dziewonski

    Deepak is a multi-talented contributor with a very strong drive to do good and help others. He's been active in a wide array of projects, including AoA, Webmaker, app development, and solving bugs for others.

    I am looking forward to more great, inspired work from Deepak.

  • Srikar Ananthula

    He contributes to Mozilla QA, WebMaker, developing apps and solving bugs .Being a Webmaker Super Mentor he made many remixable templates and teaching kits,organized events related to Mozilla..He is developing firefox os apps. He solves bugs too :-)

    He is very active in local community !

  • Chandan Kumar Baba

    He is one of awesome guy who cares the web, as a webmaker mentor, he spread so awesome stuffs . A Bug solver, QA contributor and yes SUMO awesome contributor too . Its Awesome that I vouch him and Sure He is more than awesome from now .


    Is a great contributor who is recognized as a Tech geek and solved many bugs. He has also contributed in QA, Localization, Army of Awesome, developing apps and also Making Web better.

    I am really happy to vouch Upendra Deepak for his great contribution.

  • Jafar Muhammed

    A computer geek, interested in almost everything in and related to computer. He has been contributing to Mozilla through QA, Localization, Army of Awesome, developing apps and solving bugs since March 2014.

    Being a Webmaker Mentor He helped to make so many remixable templates.

    I am really happy to vouch Upendra Deepak.

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