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Antonio Fernando Santos Ladeia

Develop apps for FXOS, Tradução do Gaia, Hack do Gaia e Gecko


sumo, l10n:pt-br, mozilla brasil, sf-monument, localization, support, add-ons, boot2gecko, developer tools, open badges, mobile


c plus plus, html, javascript, python, ruby


Anglisht, Portugalisht

Rekomanduar Prej

  • Ricardo de Azevedo Brandao

    A very active Mozillian with presence on IRC and mailing list helping other Mozillians on hacking B2G. Give talks and workshops on events like FISL.

  • Fabricio Zuardi

    Ladeia is a founding member of Raul Hacker Club, a shared hackerspacr in Salvador - Bahia, Brasil. He is testing and hacking gaia and b2g and helping the brazilian community in local events.

  • João Lenno do Nascimento Azevedo

    Contribuidor ativo da comunidade Mozilla Brasil no nordeste do país.

  • Andre Garzia

    Ladeia has been an active member on our mailing lists and was present in our FISL and Campus Party Recife 2014 events where he gave talks and workshops.

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