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01:14 Asia/Dhaka

Zubaer Haque

O Moziljanu

This is me, Zubaer haque, people aslo call me as Raj. I am studying B.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering. I am Mozillaian . I am Co-organizer at LU FirefoxClub, Mozilla location service contributor, Webmaker contributor and designer at local Mozilla events. I also work or PaperMint corp a small group of creative people. I love my music, my designing also my work for Open web. I just don't develop my work my code, i also design with my Heart them too. I love to contribute to Mozilla to make a better web.


  • Raiyad Raad

    He is an old Mozillian from Sylhet. He proved himself as a very active Mozillian through his passion and work with communities. With his patience and consistency to reach his goals, he is always ready and prepared for these.

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