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Moziljan 7 let Apr 2013
Nashik, Maharashtra, India

Vishal Chavan

Mozilla Rep, L10n, Speaker, Event Organizer

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A Proud Mozillian and a Speaker...A small part of the Mozilla Learning Network

Web Developer...Privacy Advocate...Enthusiastic and Passionate..Die hard Video Gamer...and an Open Source Contributor

Speaker for : Open Projects, Privacy and Security, MLN, L10n and Community Building


firefox student ambassadors, india, open badges, sf-monument, web development, webmaker, firefox, sumo, javascript, asia, python, l10n:translation, mozilla india, army of awesome, mozspeakers, famous photo star, firefoxos, engagement

Veščine, c sharp, community builder, cpp, event organizer, html css, java, public speaker, web developer, webmaker

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  • Ankit Gadgil

    Vishal is an active Mozillian, fantastic Rep and one of the pillars of Mozilla Nashik Community. Helping, guiding and supporting the Mozilla contributions and activities in the region.

    As a community builder he has been an integral part of the building and empowerment of womoz community as well.

    He personally contributes to L10N, webmaker, teaching and mozilla events.

    One of his remarkable teaching kits:

    Follow his activites :

  • Akshay Tiwari

    Vishal is a passionate, responsive, and diligent Mozillian. I've seen his works as well as his involvement in his Local Community, which are very impressive.

  • Clarice Wang

    Looking back to the first ever MozCraft and Womoz event held by Vishal, we could feel the strongest passion and unlimited creativity. Not to mention his great job on Maker Party ‬Dharavi Comic making workshop, it moved lots of people so much. Thanks a lot, Vishal.

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