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03:22 Europe/Berlin
IRC : sadi

shamsuzzaman sadi

O Moziljanu

I'm a mozillian and Opensource lover. I work as a volunteer in BN_BD Translation team of Mozilla and sometimes I try to fix bugs and bug report of them. I love Open Source!! As it's the freedom.


coding, creative, localization, marketing, mobile, msa, sf-monument, support, bangladesh, firefox student ambassadors, sumo


,javascript, .php, git and github, html, java, linux, python


Bengalščina, Angleščina

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  • Ratul Minhaz (Minhazur Rahman)

    As a FOSS enthusiast, Sadi has been contributing to Mozilla for some time now. His activities in port city Chittagong were crucial to build a community of Mozillians there.

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