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Moziljan 6 let Jul 2014
Ranchi, Jharkhand, India
23:52 Asia/Kolkata
IRC : shahbaz17

Md Shahbaz Alam

मोहम्मद शाहबाज़ आलम

Webmaker,App Developer,SuMo,L10n,Tech Evangelist,WebVR,WebCompat

O Moziljanu

An open source enthusiast, a web developer, combining my dedication,passion and knowledge together into web. I love to spread mozilla's mission , public speaking and spreading the word of open-source. Speaker in various Mozilla Workshops where I deliver the knowledge about firefox marketplace Apps, IoT, WebVR and Codebase.

Love to spread the knowledge. I follow one simple principle in my life. “Learn , Teach n be Innovative”.

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localization, webmaker, developer tools, marketing, mozilla community rajasthan, mcr - mozilla community rajasthan, support, qa, marketplace, firefox student ambassadors, community builders, sf-monument


.css3 html5 javascript, a-frame, angular2, apache cordova, app developer, c, c++, core java and advance java, core php, git and github, ionic 2, rust, webcompat, webvr


Angleščina, Hindujščina

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  • Kamlesh Teli

    Shahbaz is a active mozillian from jaipur. He participated in more than 100 events and also organized about 30 events. He's Contribution to WebVR, Web-Compatibility, Add-ons and Rust is amazing.

    I met Shahbaz at Maker Fest 2017. He is very passionate about what he does. I believe he's community builder who loves interacting with fellow mozillians. I am really happy to vouch him :)

  • Adit Bharadwaj

    Shahbaz has been an awesome App Dev, webmaker . He is awesome FSA who is not only helping newbies but also continuous contributor in the local community as well.

  • Varun Kaushik

    Shahbaz has been contributing to App Dev, Webmaker and Events. He is great in his works and has always been an active contributor in the community.

  • Meghraj Suthar

    He is awesome app developer and web-maker as well as fsa.

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