Profil Moziljana
Moziljan 4 leta Oct 2014
Americana, São Paulo, Brazil
17:45 America/Sao_Paulo
IRC : Shadow44g4

Gabriel Martin Rodrigues dos Santos



firefox student ambassadors, army of awesome


html5, html5 javascript, marketing and promotion, mobile app developer


Angleščina, Latinskoameriška španščina, Francoščina, Brazilska portugalščina

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  • Eduardo Barros

    A new mozillian with a bright future! He has goals disclosure of mozilla in your college with in Americana, Brazil. With Webmaker tools, he will encourage the students of your college to develop to FirefoxOS.

  • Samuel Flores Moraes

    New mozillian with an awesome objective.

    He'll help much the community with marketing in our university(he have works that are related to Mozilla products)

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