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Moziljan 6 let Jun 2013
12:41 Asia/Kolkata
IRC : sethu

Sethu Sathyan

Womoz, bringing more women into technology

O Moziljanu

Open Source Enthusiast, Evangelist, Web Developer, Womoz.

I run a local developer community to support and bring more women into technology.

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firefox student ambassadors, mozilla kerala, supoport, teachtheweb, web development, web maker, womoz, famous photo star, firefoxos, marketing


,python, .css2 css3 html php, angular4, database mysql, prime-ng


Angleščina, Hindujščina, Malajalamščina

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  • Rachel McGuigan

    Sethu is an active coordinator in the SUMO community. She brings a professional and positive excitement to the the sumo network and community. I was very excited to meet her at the Orlando All Hands in 2018.

  • syamkumar

    She is an active contributor to Sumo and Social support team . She has been contributing to documentations and mentoring new members in the community. She also attended Mozlando 2018 and is a facilitator for Decentralization space in Mozfest 2018 . It is my honour to vouch for such an active Mozillian.

  • Abid Aboobaker

    Active Womoz contributor.

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