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I learn by teaching others.I love working on the ideas that can bring out some change. True Open source Contributor and eager to meet people of same thought. Joining in the movement of making web open and secure. Being lead of Mozilla Community Punjab i am into community building and increasing wo-moz participation


  • April Morone

    I honourably vouch for Sarswak Deepak for many reasons. 1.) Because he is very insightful about how best to help Mozillians and other contributors. 2.) He is helping to see that women are now included in the community and contributing. 3.) He helped establish a geolocation task force in Punjab via introducing students with Firefox Stumbler. 4.) He helped form a google group for FSA's to put their doubts or ideas to the community. 5.) He's also helping build a community website and an app.

  • Abhishek Thakur

    Deepak is an amazing Contributor and have been a part of various Local Community events and organized a few.He has always shown interest in the FSA Program and has been a part of it. He is doing great job in Mozilla and he is contributing in community building and localization. I feel happy to vouch him.

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