Profil Moziljana
Moziljan 5 let Oct 2013
Mountain View, California, United States
04:41 US/Pacific
IRC : guigs

Rachel McGuigan

One of the SUMO Community Managers

O Moziljanu

Social Support and Forum Support 1:1 support community manager. Set up some time to find out more about the program -

Access Groups

nda, slack-access, social support, open innovation, event program managers, dinopark-preview-access


mountain view, sf-monument, sumo, pyladies, army of awesome



Zunanji računi


  • Michal Stanke

    As one of our SUMO community managers, Rachel takes care we have everything necessary when helping users both on the SUMO forums and social networks.

  • David Weir

    I am vouching Rachel due to she has been a good help and has done a lot for Mozilla Support

  • Dino McVouch

    An automatic vouch for being a Mozilla employee.

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