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Pune, Maharashtra, India

Rishita Bansal

L10n, QA, online privacy

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I am a computer engineering student studying at Cummins college. I am passionate for coding. I like learning new things and sharing my knowledge with everyone. I like to help Mozilla in it's mission.

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.c, .css2 css3 html php, c++ html css jquery, core java


Angleščina, Hindujščina, Maratščina

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  • Umesh Agarwal

    Active WoMoz from Pune.

  • Shagufta Gurmukhdas

    Rishita is a very active mozillian and has been extremely enthusiastic since the very first day. She is the club lead of her college,a regular attendee of meets and discussions and also takes initiatives to organize events on her own, with help from other community members, if needed. She is a part of the WoMoz project and has also been working on getting the students from the rural areas educated about technology. She is an open source enthusiast, advocates for Mozilla and deserves this vouch.

  • Prathamesh Chavan

    Rishita is an active Mozillian and has been actively contribution in L10n and Mozilla QA.

    Her Profile links : Locamotion : Bugzilla :

    She is very hard working and has been a speaker in many Mozilla events which were organized by her. One of her blog posts :

    I am happy to vouch for her.

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